Soul, Oh...(Part 3)

For in a visitation of the night you inspected my heart and refined my soul in fire
until nothing vile was found in me. TPT
I used to hear all the time, "If you set yourself on fire, the world will come to watch you burn."
A convicted soul is something to see.  It doesn't matter if you come across an anointed minister able to bring a Word or a see a chef putting together an incredible meal, that energy is amazing!
When you're able to grow through being alone, being down, and enter a season where you are on fire spiritually, everything else seems to fall into place as it should. 
As the verse says, being refined continually develops you spiritually.
All the mess that's been done, serves as something to fuel the fire.  The impurities help light a soul to burn hotter, longer, and brighter.
God has brought you through for a reason and all that stuff still trying to stick to you, don't be afraid to let it be burned off.  
Think about it. When you get fed up, that's when you take steps to make a change. It's a burning desire that is unshakeable. Despite the odds, you can't let it go. God plants visions in us and it's up to us to trust Him through the fire, sort of like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego did. 
When we do - game over.
There's a transition from solo despair and days when you feel so low, you want to quit. But God transforms us, into a soul oh so new, fire tested and ready to shine like never before.
God Bless.
This devotional is part 1 of a trilogy series. Read the rest here

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