Solo (Part 1)

For none of us lives for ourselves alone, and none of us dies for ourselves alone. Romans 14:7 NIV
The penetrating thought of being alone with one's own thoughts scares people at times and comforts others. Occasionally, life can make you feel all alone; no matter if you're in a busy office or a crowded school hallway. 
Spiritually, our soul never has to be alone, not if we've accepted Christ and the salvation His love has secured. 
Still, a solo soul can be dangerous when it's not attached to a purpose. The solo soul is constantly seeking and wondering what it's supposed to do with this existence. 
It can feel dejected, insignificant, and worst of all, alone. And in that state, there's at times, space to fall prey to an evil influence. Yet, when we allow our soul to begin regularly listening to the Holy Spirit, our paths are directed to the proper places.
And in the right spot we're able to connect with people who are yoked equally. 
An isolated and creative mind is capable of crafting any number of harmful or negative thoughts. A soul that has spent time alone with God, aligns closer to Him and is never solo forever.
3 tips for when you're feeling alone
+Visit an event at nearby church
+Speak to a counselor
+Write down  a few ways how you'd like God to move in your life
God Bless.
This devotional is part 1 of a trilogy series. Read the rest here

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  • In this season where life has drastically adjusted around COVID-19, it may be easier to attend a service virtually with a little bit of searching. Yet, what truly matters is the understanding that true relationships must be built with God and people. It’s hard to make friends, but it’s not hard to be one. Try giving, listening, being there for someone without expecting them to be there for you. Practice forgiveness and give room to let people be who they are not expecting the lm to be something to you. And continue to pray for genuine relationships for your life. There is a time to be alone, to grow and reflect. And there is a time to connect. Understand what season your in.

    Jayar Smith

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