So. Low. (Part 2)

How long must I struggle with anguish in my soul, with sorrow in my heart every day? How long will my enemy have the upper hand? Psalms 13:2 NLT
We're living in precarious times. A time when parts of society are so low, the news blares stories of people hurting themselves and others in far greater numbers.
When someone takes the time to go back and research the lives of these people, they often discover hidden pain or abuse. Maybe going back years or generations.
In our deepest moments of despair, as hope slips away, we grasp for what's usually nearby, familiar or both.  Feeling that low and believing there's no way out can be disastrous.
Which is why danger, masquerading as a glimmer of hope has impeccable timing, showing up to guide us astray.  The devil knows the address of anyone living in dark places and how to reach them.
I've battled through what he's thrown my way and if not for God looking out, life would be horribly different. When you've sunk so low that everywhere you turn is a dead end, that's when His grace is the way up.
No doubt, having people who look out for you and a support team is a great added layer. Whether it's a message group of fellow believers or your favorite inspirational social media page, all souls can use a lift higher when life gets you low.
Souls need up-lifting. Music, a conversation with a non-judgemental ear, a good movie or book are all ways to start.
Make a list of five positive actions you can take the next time your soul is down and keep it ready to remind you. 
I pray that this helps lift you.
This devotional is part 2 of a trilogy series. Read the rest here.

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