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TXTS FROM THE TXT © is a Daily Devotional inspired by believers living in an increasingly more mobile, tech centered world and using these tools in their worship life.  Each of these devotions or prayers originally started as a morning text message amongst friends and fellow followers of Christ.


This collection is compiled of six weeks worth of devotions to start, get through, or end your day.  At the end of every week is a blank page. Use that page to reflect on miracles, prayer requests, sketch thoughts, or simply marinate on the upcoming week’s need.


There isn’t one version of the Bible used in the verses being referenced and that’s because if you only had one Bible handy, you would have to use it. Whether you’re incarcerated, stranded on a deserted island or grabbed a copy from the nightstand in a hotel, you’d use what’s there.  That’s the line of thinking. So, if you have a favorite version of the Bible, go for it. God shows up everywhere and in different ways.