Heavy Blessings

I am not able to bear all this people alone, because it is too heavy for me.
Numbers 11:14 KJV

Life can be a lot to carry. And when you got ya hands full, it might seem heavy, when it's really heavenly. You're blessed to carry the divine allotments you have. Do you drop something every now and then? Don't properly handle all that you're juggling? Fa sho, comes with the territory and that's alright.

The blessing of that load is when it gets heavy, it's probably something you prayed for a month or year ago and you're learning to adjust. Getting used to what is the heavy as it transitions to a feeling of heavenly.

You may have a new job and the first 4 months are rough before you start running that thing. Or as a new parent, the duties are wearing you out! But, after a period of time you find your stride and enjoy the journey of parenthood.

If God sent it to you, I'm sure He sent you the strength to handle it too. Be Blessed.

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