We've all taken our share of setbacks, I know have. Coming out of school the second time around the situation was worrisome.

The economy struggled and that left minimal options. It seemed like I kept getting hit over and over again. But through it all, I knew my Source.

When it was time to move out of my place, the movers are a no call/no show. Later I'm sleeping everywhere but in a bed. The car goes down and stays there.

If you've ever paid attention to sounds, maybe you've noticed when a bell is struck or chimes bump, they vibrate and continue to emit a sound long after being hit. The more they're hit, the more the echo permeates.

We're all going to be hit with stuff. But we all echo or vibrate differently. It's a choice. And we need to watch what we allow to vibrate in our space as well.

When we're hit and being shaken, we can praise the Lord and still celebrate Him or we can complain. The devil is hoping to catch us in moments of weakness, it's a test.

As you're bombarded with whatever is going in your life today, know that it's not big enough to change your tone, your vibration. Take it and hand it to Jesus and then echo up a shout of praise!



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