Throwbacks and Fast Forwards

But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt. Gen 19:26 NLT
You ever think back to some of the missteps you've made, looked at old posts on social media and wonder, "what the hell was I thinking"? I've sat and listened to small groups take verbal time machines to their heyday and act like the future holds no greater promise or gifts.
Romanticized memories of the past can leave us stalled when it comes time to listen to God and move on. 
The Lord wants to take our best yesterdays and make them the worst tomorrows by comparison. But there's no room for some of the past in the future. It may sound harsh and prove difficult, Lot's wife demonstrated that. She couldn't ignore her feelings enough to walk in the promise of faith. 
Pepper the future with prayers in the present. Season it now or look back with salty feelings and stagnant growth.
Almighty God, take us forward as we fight our attachment to what's behind us. Amen.

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