Do not quench the Spirit. 1 Thess 5:19

Whether you love a really great buffet, Brazilian steakhouses or get down with an open bar-finding an endless supply of something you have a deep longing for can be great or leave you full of regrets the next day.  

The anticipation of being able to gorge ourselves on something we truly love is exciting. Whatever we'll be consuming, we'll try to remove every single conflicting barrier.  If it's a buffet, we may skip a couple of meals. If you're about shop until you drop, you know your budget, save as much money as possible, strategize locations, etc.

Fully giving in to those desires can bring a rush of excitement.  Albeit, temporary.

The Spirit of the Lord can begin to fill you up at anytime and in any place.  What we sometimes do though, is instead of going in on that feeling, we attempt to suppress it since it's not the "right time" or "right place".  Foolish thinking.

Attempting to quench the Spirit is akin to taking a bag of microwave popcorn out after only half the time has passed. The bag may look full, but once you open it up, there are a bunch of kernels that haven't popped.

How are we to share this awesome God when we're barely getting enough for ourselves? We can't be full when we're chasing a snack instead of a meal. When the Spirit moves and serves you a full course, like anything else: go in, smash it!

Wonderful Counselor, we Thank you for your amazing grace. Fill us up today. Not just our standard tanks, but the reserve and auxiliary capacity. We rebuke the human centered response of closing off your faucet of Faith. We open the valves and receive you in entirety and in omnipotence. Amen.

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