On The Wrong Wave

The sea has come up over Babylon; She has been engulfed with its tumultuous waves. Jeremiah 51:42

The waves of death overwhelmed me; floods of destruction swept over me. 2 Samuel 22:5

Culture has hyped up the thought process of riding the wave. Nothing wrong with that, we all have an ability to excel at something that brings joy, purpose, earnings, and even some notoriety. Where the disconnect comes in is, while there are waves rolling around us, they’re not all meant for us. 

Trying to catch the wrong wave can crush you.  Here we are, off chasing something, and instead we find ourselves struggling underneath it, trying to prevent it from killing us. Crazy how you can pursue something, or someone who you think is going to make life better and instead life hits you with a reality check. Hard!

What’s not for you will drag the hell out of you with no mercy. 

It’ll toss, suffocate, and discard you. The danger with chasing someone else’s wave is that they’ve studied and prepared for it. They have the proper equipment to take it on. They know the conditions well and it’s almost as if it’s been made just for them. 

Or, this is what life has for them right now, and that person has to deal with the waves or undertow in that water. Riding a wave takes struggle, some balance, the right timing, bravery, and being willing to go with it. Every wave is a little different and treating them the same as the last isn’t a guarantee for success, let alone survival. 

You call out to the Lord to help you find the waves you’re supposed to be on, and you call out to Him to rescue you from the ones foolishly sought without Him. 

Seeking what God hasn’t set aside for us, isn’t for our good. So we sink and struggle. It’s not that He’s trying to kill us, it’s that we’ve waded out into danger away from our spiritual designation.


Think back to a time when it seemed like you may have been drowning in debt, unable to swim out of the anxiety and been paralyzed with how this is the worst idea ever. 

That wave that used to seem so appealing scares the hell out of you now. That’s a life not centered and in total submission to Christ. 

Even the undertow below the surface formed specifically for you is better than the wave meant for someone else. That current will force you to struggle and increase your strength and skill, but crash on the wrong wave and you might never recover.


Be Blessed. 

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