Misbehaving: Missed Blessing

Avoid worthless, foolish talk that only leads to more godless behavior. 
2 Timothy 2:16
Are you familiar with the endowment effect? It's an economic ​term: a behavioral and psychological concept that means a person values something that they already own more than something that they do not yet own.
Suppose you have car that you've paid off, yet costs you $375 a month in repairs, but you could get a reliable vehicle for $250 a month with the same insurance rate, that's the endowment effect. 
It's also known as loss aversion, fear based decision making. You can recognize it by the tendency to overvalue something because you own it (or in relationships, something you think you own). Completely irrational. 
God may have the relationship you've been praying for ever ready if only you'd let go of the toxic one you're currently in.  But you're too scared of "being alone. Or trying again." 
You're placing too much value on the terrible trap you're in. God manifests our prayers when we align with His will. Not our won't. Disobedience is what we won't do in spite of the promise God will do and has placed on our heart. 
So often we make excuses for our behavior by linking them to emotions, having animalistic instincts, or just plain disputing the facts.  Yet, God created us as cognitive beings who can think and act rationally. Adam and Eve were the original homo sapiens that named the animal kingdom and were granted dominion over them. 
Thus we represent His Kingdom and no excuse is able to cancel out our responsibility to live righteously. 
It's a short walk from foolish talk to irrational behavior. Keep your ears open and the power of your tongue away from entering into dead conversations. 
Be Blessed. 

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