I'm Out: Know When To Go

“These are the exits of the city. On the north side, measuring four thousand five hundred cubits. Ezekiel 48:30 NKJV

In college, if there was a class I needed to drop I had to get a form, fill it out, have the instructor sign and then walk it to a specific building by a certain date.

This forced most students like myself to get good at evaluating what needed to start, stop, or continue.

Life is like that. When you get on the plane, we often ignore the speech about where the exits are. Or when you go to a game we find our seats, but don't know how to find the car.

Some jump in a relationship situation, it gets crazy and they don't know how to jump out.

God will direct you to the exits, however if you haven't paused to regularly note and understand you may miss the signs.

Just as contracts have termination clauses, God's deliverance is a chance to get it right and end what isn't serving the Kingdom in our lives.

Be Blessed.

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