Good From Anywhere

O God, your ways are holy. Is there any god as mighty as you?
Psalms 77:13 NLT
I caught a basketball game over the holidays. It reminded me of the player who can ball outside on the blacktop just as well indoors on the hardwood. A hooper is good wherever. Dirt court on a farm, inner city rim with no net.
The person who will put food on their table whether the economy is booming or a bust. Any circumstances, they'll still deliver.
Anytime, any place, don't matter. Their family is going to be fed. Any day of the week.
God is the ultimate Champion of any. 
He's supreme any way we live life. When we're obedient and when we come to him after doing it our way.
His power is able to supersede any of the disaster we've cooked up.
He'll listen to anyone, forgive any trespass. 
As long as no matter how bleak it seems, you trust Him anyways.
Be Blessed.

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