Equation of Life: The Camaraderie of Division

So a division occurred among the crowd because of Him.  John 7:43 HCSB

In college, I pledged a fraternity and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

It’s blessed me with a group of lifelong brothers. What I came to find out later was how our mutual respect and authentic care for one another created an environment that frequently drew in those who were on the outside looking in. Male and female.

More importantly, it taught me how unity has great power, but also how it divides and that division is used as a tactic by others to try and bolster their own position. 

There are people who solely link up in order to tear down and divide others. Whether it’s due to jealousy, ignorance, or being sick of their own miserable lives, they bond over division. I’m not talking about the people who find one another through pain, disappointment, and rejection in order to begin healing. I’m referring to the ones invested in assassinating your achievements. 

The Montgomery Bus Boycott, Destiny's Child, Wutang, Venus & Serena, Michelle & Barack - a cluster of people supporting one another, while exhibiting excellence very often captures hearts and minds. And that's exactly why they're attacked.

Satan is focused on sending those to orchestrate dysfunction and purposely steer you and your tribe into traumatic places rather than celebrate the contributions being made through cooperation. It’s appealing for demons to be a conductor of confusion. 

Around you, there are partnerships. You have a team in your community - at the gym, maybe with family or business and you have a team with God.

All will face attacks to disrupt that chemistry. This is why when you’re minding your own business, doing you and loving it, someone comes at you sideways. As you advance in the Kingdom, your partnerships will evolve, and where the unity of God is present, scavengers appear.  

Be alert of who desires to “be on your team”. That roster has some focused on support and some eyeing sabotage. 

Divisiveness is attractive, but heavenly camaraderie is addictive. 

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