Caution Ahead ⚠️

Raise a signal flag as a warning for Jerusalem: ‘Flee now! Do not delay!’ For I am bringing terrible destruction upon you from the north.”
Jeremiah 4:6 NLT

The warning signs are usually there. Excusing behavior chosen to ignore. The language in the workspace that informs us of a toxic culture. Or not physically having the same level of strength or movement as once before.

God will typically give us a sign (or three). To get away. To flee and not look back.

But like most accidents on the highway, we stop or slowdown to look. Putting everyone in more danger.

Yet, when there's a motorist with a flat tire we zoom by with no problem.

Destruction can be addictive.

Dear Lord, suppress my appetite for that which means me harm and instead increase my desire and consumption of that which honors You and protects me.

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