Be Consistent!

Oh, that my actions would consistently reflect your decrees!
Psalms 119:5 NLT 

I hear this question often enough: "what type of workout should I do?" Me: "the one you'll do consistently." Consistency has consequences. Neither good or bad, just results. And results require owning responsibility. 

If I complain all the time, then being miserable shouldn't be a surprise. Eating cake and ice cream every night I should expect 10 new pounds and maybe diabetes down the line.

Spiritual life is no different.

What's the best way to pray? How should I start reading the Bible? Where should I attend a service?

Start with what you can repeat and that intentionally produces a result you can take pride in.

The Bible shares many messages in consistency:

Pray without ceasing. Bless the Lord at all times.

There's no algorithm on anointing. Anointing is action repeated. You GO. Then keep going. When it's tough, when you're tired and tested. Consistently in Christ. 

Be Blessed. 

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  • “Anointing is action, repeated!” -Q. Love

    Good word bro!


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