Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.
Matthew 6:8 NIV

This might be the second time I've done a summer on lockdown. As a little kid one summer I went to the emergency room 2 weeks in a row after having too much fun playing.

This was an era where we didn't really go to the doctor before needing one.

Sort of like how a few of our grandparents weren't allowed to form a relationship with the bank before they needed a loan or students that haven't spoken to their professor all year until they perform poorly on an exam and may fail the class.

That before stuff makes a difference.

Eating healthy before getting older. Treating others with respect before ever needing a favor. Praying and studying the word before hoping for a miracle.

Before we ask, He knows. Knows the need, knows the heart and knows how it went when we had the time.

Nothing is guaranteed, it's just one less thing to wonder about after it might be too late.

Be Blessed.

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